Living Through the Heart

Whatever your unique ways of perceiving the gift of Light, that ability is waiting in you to be more activated. It will be activated primarily by your sincere intention to open yourself to Light. Our job at the Essential Light Institute is to join with you in holding the space for that grounded awakening which we all, students and facilitators, are going through. In each program we offer, each person who feels called to join us has their own intimate learning agenda because when you feel drawn to join us, your own guides begin working with you in the days and weeks preceding your coming into the space of the workshop or training. They are ready to step up your relationship, make it more intimate, make it more concrete, more real, more palpable—that’s the opportunity we provide at Essential Light Institute.

~ Jonathan Goldman ~

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2017 New Year's Letter

The Opportunity of a World Gone Mad: In the United States, the President-elect and his team are the quintessential, conscious, purposeful purveyors of this new thought-form. And they are leading a worldwide movement. Read more ...

Essential Light Institute

Our Work

In this work we are being taught to be consciously co-creating instruments of Divine Light. We say that we are training healers. A healer is not only someone who administers directly to someone who is ill or obviously suffering in some way. Read more ...

Gift of the Body by Jonathan Goldman

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Your Human Energy Vehicle (HEV), your physical and energy bodies, is the most extraordinary gift in the universe. Your HEV contains the miracle of your consciousness. Every one of your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, opinions, strengths, weaknesses, talents, challenges, miseries, glories and tools for navigating your life on earth has their assigned place in your energy bodies. In Gift of the Body you will learn where those qualities live in you, how to transform the ones that need healing, and how to strengthen the ones that serve your true purpose You will learn that Divine Light is a dynamic, available universal force that has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with your ability to heal yourself and others. Your Human Energy Vehicle is a mobile schoolroom. Gift of the Body is an experiential, practical, transformational textbook for the adventure school of your life. See on Amazon now!