ABOUT Essential Light Institute


"Each healer is different, and each healer’s expression of their particular gift is different. I’m not interested in spreading a method. I’m guided and called to spread Light and that means training people to recognize Light, call Light, embody Light, follow that Light with integrity, humility and faith, and discern what is Light and what isn’t. That is the center of the training."

Jonathan Goldman


In this work we are being taught to be consciously co-creating instruments of Divine Light. We say that we are training healers. A healer is not only someone who administers directly to someone who is ill or obviously suffering in some way. A healer is anyone who chooses to stand between the worlds of spirit and those of matter and conduct the Light that comes from the former and into the latter. It is the Light that heals and the Light that makes transformation of health and of consciousness possible. The Essential Light Institute is a holding space, a nest as we call it, for the teachers of the divine tactics, which is what we call the skills required to do that job, to come and work with us and through us. Our teachers are the Divine Beings with whom those of us who are the facilitators of this work have developed working relationships. Those of us who work with the Institute assume total responsibility for the space we hold and for the safety and attention to each participant. We do the best we can in every moment to be true to our pledge to serve that Light and the people who come seeking it with integrity, calmness, humility, compassion, truth and good humor.

The expression of the life-changing choice to be healer can take many forms. Someone who puts their hands in the energy field of another is not more of healer than someone who cares for children or who advocates for justice or who creates art or builds house or any of the other activities that people choose or are guided to do. Anything on earth came be done in service of, or denial of, light. Therefore the Essential Light Institute is open to anyone who wants to be healed into their healership.

Healing starts with oneself. Healing is way of life, not an event. I can only authentically teach what I know, and in the Essential Light Institute we hold the principle that the deepest and most transformative and most long-lasting learning comes from experience, through knowing a subject through the built-in mechanisms in our bodies. Light is not a metaphor. It is the living pulsating, essential force that infuses all creation. It can be called upon and utilized by anyone.

To gain this inner yogic skill of calling, recognizing and becoming co-creators of healing with the Light, we invoke the presence of the teachers and forces that come into this heart-held and therefore sacred space. In the workshops and professional trainings we offer, each participant is afforded the opportunity for self-transformation. Transformation in this context means the offering up to the Light, the Divine Ones, The Mother, the Master, God, however you phrase it, a portion of your lower-self material. That material almost always contains components of pain, contraction and stuckness. We invoke the healing of this material within the positive context of what it is we are stepping into; what is you want to embody, to learn, to awaken, not just what you don’t want. Then through exercises, discussions, healing sessions, the use of breathing and body techniques, and meditations, the material we have offered up is worked through. By its transformation in Light, the material becomes fuel for our spiritual opening and for re-directing our lives according to our prayer to be of greater use.

Each of us can come into more conscious, more intimate, less ego centered relationship to Light. This is guaranteed to anyone in possession of an HEV (Human Energy Vehicle) who is willing to put in the effort of self-transformation. In the process, each of us is best served by becoming, step by sometimes-intense step, humble instruments that Light. Humility (not something well understood in our present time) is the best guarantee of serving the light with minimal confusion. To do that responsibly and safely we need to develop our in-built powers of discernment into finely tuned instruments. We are learning something beautiful and demanding; to be guided directly and intimately by that Light and by the consciousnesses that are totally committed to it and who work through it and who are waiting to work through us. So the real program of each of us every time we come together is to take whatever the next step is that we are ready for in the progression of that intimate relationship. And because we consciously create this safe and sacred space made by our hearts joined in the current of prayer, we can help each other in developing the more refined discernment that will allow us to be wiser and more useful instruments of the Light and of the Ones who serve it.

It is altogether possible to work completely in service and in relationship to Light, both in the daily and professional expressions of our lives. To do this well, the thing we need to learn and keep developing is our conscious awareness of the presence of Light and of those who serve and convey it. We are learning to feel, sense, see, and hear the waves, the pulsations of light that flow into and through our Human Energy Vehicle (HEV), our aura, or as it is called it in Portuguese spiritism, to which our work at ELI is linked, our aparelho. We are each of us learning to discern the particular ways that the Light and the Beings work with us and around us and eventually through us. It is an important part of the training to be a healer to know the specific ways that your guides speak to you; the way your intuition, which is your most important and reliable discernment tool, responds to their presence and their urgings. Through working with ELI you will learn how the Divine presences—and the not so divine ones—stimulate your thoughts and your feelings. Knowing who is communicating with you and who you can trust to operate only in the highest good of you and all beings is a fundamental necessity in being healer. In our trainings we spend a lot of time in learning how to use that discernment. You will learn that you can choose who and what you allow to work through you, thereby assisting in turning yourself into a consciously choosing instrument of Divine Light.

Each one of you has your own unique arrangement of the non-physical senses. If you are not a strongly visual person yet you may not experience the light as something you see. But you will feel it as a vibration or sense its presence around you as shift in the air. You may even hear it as crackling sound or even smell its perfume. Whatever your unique ways of perceiving the gift of Light, that ability is waiting in you to be more activated. It will be activated primarily by your sincere intention to open yourself to Light. Our job at the Essential Light Institute is to join with you in holding the space for that grounded awakening which we all, students and facilitators, are going through. In each program we offer, each person who feels called to join us has their own intimate learning agenda because when you feel drawn to join us, your own guides begin working with you in the days and weeks preceding your coming into the space of the workshop or training. They are ready to step up your relationship, make it more intimate, make it more concrete, more real, more palpable—that’s the opportunity we provide at ELI.