Essential Oneness

The belief in separateness, which is the belief that each of us is essentially different and apart from all other beings and from all of creation, and that we are essentially and in the end alone; this is the actual “original sin.” It is what we voted to adopt that led to coming into HEVs in the first place. We wanted, as souls born of stars, to know ourselves as individual consciousnesses, to be explorers of the universes. We were granted individual vehicles and free choice, given a garden planet with every type of experience available to us, and then turned loose and told to go at it. 

This original belief is lodged in the mental body of the crown chakra of all humans. It holds us in individual awareness. It is what is ultimately transformed through the process of self-transformation. The belief in separateness will eventually, like all the other beliefs in all the other mental bodies of all of the chakras, be replaced by a new belief, based on new experiential evidence—which at base is at the heart of all this apparent individual identity: We are one with each other and with all creation. When we realize this essential oneness, when we feel it in the heart, receive the truth of it in our throat chakra, and see it with our third eye, the crown chakra will bloom with a new sense of awareness that is anything but abstract and rhetorical. You will then really have it all: The knowledge that you are both One and You. Some people call that the state of I Am.

An excerpt from Gift of the Body: A Multi-Dimensional Guide to Energy Anatomy, Grounded Spirituality and Living Through the Heart available now.

Jonathan M. Goldman, M.Ac.