A Different Way

There is an intersection occurring between the world and your heart. The world wants you, calls in a constant barrage, to join in the cacophony of judgment, criticism, anger, opinion without nuance, and simplistic slogans masquerading as answers. Your heart keeps telling you, in various ways, that there is a better way, a different way of being on earth that is a counterpoint to all of that; a way that brings healing instead of more illness, unity instead of more division, calmness and joy instead of anxiety and hysteria. A way that you can be a healer, a bringer of Light, no matter where you are, what work you do, what skills you have. There are inner skills, what we call Divine Tactics, that you can learn, that will help you be calm and energetically protected even as you dynamically engage your life. You can know yourself better than you ever have in the midst of the swirl of life on earth and grow spiritually as you are useful in helping the madness heal.

The world is saying, Join the chorus. Your heart is saying, Listen to me. I’ll tell you the truth. I’ll guide you true to your destiny.

When you say yes to your heart’s call, you begin to transform in that moment.

On the weekend of June 28-30, in Charlottesville, Virginia, we will open a space for accessing and listening closely and accurately to that call of the heart. The call of the heart, the space of the heart, the wisdom and skill and power of the heart; none of this is metaphorical. These are actual, knowable vibratory states that are built in to your body. What we will do is go to those spaces together and then teach you how to accurately access them and make use (and be in turn used) by them for your own good and the good of those you are called to help.

That will make you a true healer.

This invitation is to bring your sincere intention, your willingness to learn, and your curiosity as to what can happen in a safe, collectively created, intuitively-guided space dedicated to healing on all levels, and come join us as we re-dedicate ourselves to living through our hearts.

Jonathan Goldman
June 19, 2019

Jonathan and Essential Light Institute will be conducting another Healing the Healer workshop January 24-26, 2020 in Ashland, Oregon.