The Compassion Project
Teaching the Spiritual Science of the Heart


“Compassion is a vibration, a quality of energy.”

Jonathan Goldman

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The Chinese character for “chaos” is the same one used for “opportunity.”

It’s up to us, individually and collectively, to choose which level of the many operating at once we will ally ourselves with.

It is our clear choice at the Essential Light Institute to join in the human and universal circle of compassion in these volatile times. We have been taught, and have seen it play out in our lives, that the embodiment—not metaphorically but actually—of compassion in our bodies is the key to health, energetic protection and to the navigating of the waters of opinion and criticism that call to us to join them from so many sources.

We want to be of use. And we want to be happy and hopeful and free.

You are invited to come to the inaugural workshops of the Compassion Project, where you will learn the Spiritual Science of the Heart. What you will leave behind you is some of the burden you’ve been carrying on various levels. What you will gain is a new inner alignment that can be the energetic basis for going forward in a new life guided from and through your heart.

Jonathan Goldman


Training dates for both the east and west coast coming soon.

This all new training with Jonathan Goldman and Essential Light Institute will include the use of these and other healing and teaching modalities: Rose Breathing, Bio-Etheric Bodywork, Experiential-Didactic Sessions, Ceremonial Forms, Community Healing Sessions, meditation and prayer.

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