What came to earth all that time ago?
It was a seed of compassion and forgiveness, set in place in the inner consciousness of humanity to eventually blossom in the hearts of people who seek a new way to be on earth.
Now is that time.
Compassion has an assigned, literal place in your heart, waiting for your attention to bloom and transform your life. Please accept our gift as potential water and sunlight for that seed to flower in you.

This 47 minute video is our gift to the world during these turbulent times. If you find it of use, we welcome you to share it with others in your own life who may also find it of use.

After watching the video, we also welcome any information or experiences you would like to share with us about the teaching. Was the information useful? Were you able to follow the guided mediation and did it lead you to a place inside yourself? Do you have questions about Compassion or any of the material presented? Email us at, we would love to hear from you.

If you are interested in learning more about The Compassion Project, contact us at