Create a Circle of CompassioN

"Each Circle of Compassion is formed through the linking of the hearts of the participants with one another and the universal vibration of compassion."

Jonathan Goldman


Opening the Circle of Compassion

At the beginning of the circle, when everyone has arrived and is settled in their place, open the Circle of Compassion by reading the following transmission from the Divine Forces of Universal Compassion.

Opening Transmission

“Life on this earth is held together by the threads on the inner planes, woven through the hearts of those who are committed to unity, committed to forgiveness, committed to compassion. There are other threads, there are other tapestries, being woven as well, but even then at the heart of the heart of the heart of each one—at the heart of the heart of the heart of each person—there is at least an atom of unity, an atom of God on earth.  Those who are caught in the pattern of weaving the pattern of disunity–because they have avoided their hearts, because they have left behind, jumped over, circumvented their hearts–what they are weaving has weight, but it doesn’t have essence. It doesn’t have the essential quality; simply put, it doesn’t have love. And since love is, in fact, what binds everything together, that other tapestry will unravel. In the meantime, that tapestry’s colors seem brighter, the voices of those weaving it seem louder.  But that is superficial, that is not essential.

The Circle of Compassion is a simple way of creating sacred space. Circles are sacred spaces, altars are sacred spaces, and sacred responds to sacred. What does sacred mean? Sacred is that which is beyond the reach of the mundane; that which is eternal, that which is essential. It is that which is underneath, through, universal; beyond the human, beyond the personality, beyond the opinion. Beyond all of that.

Circles of compassion are a simple way to create that space. And then your guides—the ones initiating, stimulating the creation of these spaces—will link your small circles of compassion to the other circles of compassion, whether they have that name or not, whether they have the same language or not, whether they even have the same program or not. Your guides will link yours to the others like yours. And that forms the tapestry of Light.

The guarantee in the Circle of Compassion is that you will feel your heart; the guarantee is that you will be linked to the greater weaving. Also, when you bring into your sacred circle your own concerns—the people you love, and the situations on your earth where the off-gassing of the material so long collected in the pockets of the unconscious of humanity is occurring—you will bring light and compassion to all those ones and places. You will see the effect in your life. You will see the effect in those who you invoke. Situations will unravel as they do. You will need to access your faith and look with your expanded vision to see the effect in some of those places.

Despair has no place in the Circle of Compassion. Anger has no place in the Circle of Compassion except as something to be transformed into fuel for the opening of the heart. Fear has absolutely no place in the Circle of Compassion.

And so, do your work with humility, do your work with joy, do your work with diligence.

May you be blessed right now with the Peace of Christ in your hearts. May you take this peace with you when you leave here, when you create your circles of compassion, and everywhere you go. Can you think of a place, a situation that cannot benefit from this peace? Can you feel that peace is not the absence of war? That harmony is not the absence of conflict, that truth is not the absence of falsehood? Each one is its own state of being. You are learning this and you will learn this in the Circles of Compassion.

We leave you now to do your work.


Printable PDF version of the Opening Transmission

Connecting with Compassion

Following the opening transmission is a time for meditation in which each one in the circle consciously connects with the universal vibration of compassion in their own vehicle. It is through this conscious connection with the divine vibration of compassion that each one comes into the space of compassion and helps to form the Circle of Compassion with the larger group.

To support and facilitate this process, the circle may listen to this recording of Jonathan leading a Heart Meditation. Alternately, during this time, the circle may be guided through a similarly structured mediation. The important elements of the meditation being the conscious connection of each person with their heart and the space of compassion that resides within and enables us to connect with the greater universal vibration of compassion.

Compassion at Work

It is by each person present consciously stepping into the space of compassion that the Circle of Compassion is formed. Following the meditation, as everyone’s hearts are joined together in the space of compassion, is the opportunity to place that which is in need of compassion into the circle. This is done by each one simply and clearly stating aloud, in the sacred space that is being held, that which they place into the Circle of Compassion. This aspect of the circle unfolds in three distinct waves.

The First Wave

The first wave of compassion is for ourselves. This is the opportunity for each one in the circle to bring forward that which needs compassion in our own being, energy bodies, and consciousness.

The Second Wave

The second wave of compassion is for our loved ones and those close to us and our immediate communities. This is the opportunity for each one in the circle to bring forward the people and situations in our daily lives that are in need of compassion.

The Third Wave

The third wave of compassion, the final wave, is for the greater whole of humanity and our planet. This is the opportunity for each one to call into the circle the larger communities and situations across the globe that are in need of compassion.

Closing the Circle of Compassion

When the waves of compassion are complete the circle is ready to close. Read the following transmission from the Divine Forces of Universal Compassion to close the circle.

Closing Transmission

“Compassion is your gift to the ones who come to you and the ones you meet. It is, as you’ve shown, offered with an open hand free of all charges, free of all costs. Offering compassion guarantees that you are protected spiritually and practically because there is a great circle of beings committed to compassion, the team of compassion, the community of compassion. You can recognize them by the shine in their eyes, by the truth that we speak, by the simplicity of our needs.

The community of compassion that you are joining now is an ancient community, an ancient brotherhood, as you would say, sisterhood. Those who have found themselves often in difficult straights, challenged sometimes by the most difficult of situations—all designed, all created to allow the opportunity to cultivate compassion. So although it is your seemingly individual responsibility and individual gift that you offer—when you do offer it you are delivering the blessings of the entire community. The one who taught us at that time in that place is still teaching. He has been given many names—the lord of Compassion will do.

Nothing in creation is without its remedy; nothing is without its complimentary balancing force. Suffering and compassion are complimentary forces. Suffering serves to clear, to clean, to humble. Compassion serves to call that suffering into transformational light. The result of suffering is compassion. The antidote to suffering is compassion.

Let yourselves be free of the idea, the ideation that compassion is weakness somehow. There is no stronger force than compassion held in community. Compassion brings, as you were taught today, equality, unity, firmness in light, truth and action based on these forces. It can take longer with compassion for the resolution of suffering. It can take longer to come to a place of unified action but what happens from that is aligned with the community of compassion and has all the support of that communal vibration.

All of you are called, invited to the community of compassion. Know that that community weaves its way through all of the different groups that you may come in contact with. It is, so to speak, a secret society. Compassion calls to compassion just as hatred calls to hatred. Seek out, if you choose, the other members of your community. Some of them don’t even know they are members of it—they just are. Now you know. Seek out, if you choose, the community of compassion. Make a band circling your planet. It’s what we attempted to do then. The real reason to send out the apostles to every corner was not to enhance the power of a few, was not to enrich. It was to weave the thread of compassion throughout the world. Some of us remembered; some of us forgot.

You are here remembering again. No one comes to this house of God’s love without having walked many paths before. You have, so to speak, tried out many different ways of being on earth—each of you, all of you. Now you are called, once again, into the community of compassion. Perhaps this time your memory will awaken and serve you well as you choose once again. And you are free to choose as you choose.”

Printable PDF version of the Closing Transmission