Each healer is different, and each healer’s expression of their particular gift is different.
I’m not interested in spreading a method.
I’m guided and called to spread Light and that means training people to recognize Light,
call Light, embody Light, follow that Light with integrity, humility and faith,
and discern what is Light and what isn’t. That is the center of the training.


We have developed a professional training based on Jonathan’s 40 yrs of working, teaching and writing in the field of energy medicine and spiritual healing. While all of our trainings have a component of self transformation in this training more specifically Jonathan focuses on teaching the perspective he’s been given on energy medicine and healing. The program is densely and richly packed with practical, applicable and experiential information.

The two-year training is 4 days, 4 times in each year. We meet all day Thursday—Sunday for each session and accept 30 students in each training cohort.

The first year is dedicated to Energy Anatomy and the second year to Practical Healing. Here is just a little of what the subject matter we work with in this program looks like:

  • In depth intuitive and experiential exploration of the Chakras
  • Energetic Anatomy of the Heart and Human Energy Vehicle
  • Ways of Perceiving
  • Healing into Healership
  • Working with Guides
  • Thought Forms
  • Mediumship
  • Divine Inspiration
  • Becoming a clean, efficient and conscious instrument for the Divine Beings to work directly through.
  • Inner yogic techniques (Divine Tactics) to make it more possible to consciously connect with and work with Light.
  • The Archetypes of Healers
  • Discernment and Intuition
  • Working and healing with Divine Forces: Compassion, Faith, Truth, Love and Forgiveness
  • And so much more…

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