We have found that participating in these guided meditations helps to bring us into a palpable space of Light. Our invitation is to find a comfortable place to sit quietly, ground yourself on earth, center yourself in your heart, and open your crown chakra to receive the Light and experiential teachings that arrive.

The Vibrational Reality of the Heart

In this 19-minute meditation, using the gifts of breath and awareness, Jonathan guides us underneath our thoughts into the vibrational reality of the heart.

White Heron over the Water.jpg

The Space of Compassion

In this 13-minute meditation, through alignment of our energetic core, Jonathan guides us into the literal, not metaphorical, space of compassion within.

ELI Mary with Rose.jpg

Circle of Compassion Meditation

In this 10-minute meditation, Jonathan guides us into the space of compassion, assisting us in creating a Circe of Compassion through the linking of our hearts.

For additional information, please email us at essentiallight@ykwc.net.