In this workshop you will learn a unique, effective, and simple method of energetic protection that will also increase your effectiveness as a healer and deepen your personal process of transformation.

Healer: A person who has consciously chosen to be of use in the relief of suffering. A true healer is a bridge between the worlds of spirit and matter. Some healers work in a clinical setting. But healers are called into every place that there is need. Healers give of themselves for the benefit of others. Being a healer is a spiritually assigned job. Being a healer is a path of deepening service and of self-evolution. And to help others and not get burned out and sick yourself, you need skills of clearing, protection and accessing help from beyond yourself.

This workshop is designed for the particular needs of healers of all kinds. The expertly held, collaborative space of heart-centered compassion allows for the clearing of what you are carrying on all levels and for the renewal of your energies—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It facilitates the deeper opening of your intuition.

You will learn how to employ “the Divine Tactics”, inner yogic practices for activating alignment, protection, and clarity, in your work and in your own healing process.

You will learn how to literally, not metaphorically, embody the authentic vibrational states of calmness, compassion, faith and forgiveness.

And you will meet others doing the blessed and not easy work of bringing Light to earth.

This workshop will include the following healing and teaching modalities:
Rose Breathing: Facilitates deep opening and brings conscious awareness of higher and lower unconscious material.
Bio-Etheric Bodywork: A powerful form of multi-leveled exercises which opens the emotional, mental, and physical blocks and facilitates the experience of spiritual energies.
Experiential-Didactic Sessions: Using the Chakra map, a unique and practical method of understanding and assessing the Human Energy System and it's many levels.
Ceremonial Forms: Employing meditation, prayer, and music to facilitate the direct connection with the Divine and the healing of spiritual misalignments.
Community Healing Sessions: Powerful group healing sessions that are transforming for both the recipients and for those who serve as healers.

This workshop fulfills the recommended preparation for the two-year Gift of the Body Healer’s Training.

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June 28—30, 2019
Charlottesville, Virginia

CitySpace at 100 5th St. NE
Friday & Saturday 10AM—6:30PM
Sunday 10AM—5:30PM
Tuition $525 includes catered lunches.


January 24—26, 2020
Ashland, Oregon

House of White Eagle
Friday & Saturday 10AM—6:30PM
Sunday 10AM—5:30PM
Tuition $525 includes catered lunches.

For additional information or assistance registering, please email us at