Living through the heart is not a metaphor. It is the way of life that makes being on earth an adventure of learning, healing and service.

The Essential Light programs are designed for those who are making the commitment to live a more grounded, useful, abundant, spirit-guided life, and who understand the opportunity for self-transformation that the commitment invites and demands. The central purpose of Heart Camp is to support each other in letting go of whatever is impeding us in making and maintaining conscious contact with our hearts, in replacing those past hurts and beliefs with the living force of light, and in bringing the new awareness and change into our daily lives. And we have a lot of fun too!

Here is what Jonathan says about Heart Camp:

Check it out. We get to spend four days together in the forest with a lake and a campfire and excellent organic food prepared by our excellent organic chef. And then we get to breathe together, meditate together, yoga together, laugh together, sing together, do art projects, heal together and have the deep prayer that each of us will make for our transformation and next steps in our awakening be answered in unexpected ways. All as we learn to connect more deeply and consciously with Light. All this occurs from the co-creation of what we are calling the Community of Compassion. This circle of the heart serves both as the practical, safe container for the deep work (and fun) we will do in these days, but also as a laboratory for the spiritual job of taking the space of the heart and the calling of Light into our day-to-day lives.

How cool is that? Hope to see you there,

We invite you to join us at beautiful Suttle Lake, Oregon for this in-depth, experiential workshop about living through the Heart.

Suttle Lake is a beautiful glacier lake in the heart of the Cascades. Wooded trails, lakes and starlight are just a few of natures gifts that we will have the opportunity to incorporate into our weekend together. Accommodations are included as is the option to bring a tent.

This workshop will include the following healing and teaching modalities:
Rose Breathing: Facilitates deep opening and brings conscious awareness of higher and lower unconscious material.
Bio-Etheric Bodywork: A powerful form of multi-leveled exercises which opens the emotional, mental, and physical blocks and facilitates the experience of spiritual energies.
Experiential-Didactic Sessions: Using the Chakra map, a unique and practical method of understanding and assessing the Human Energy System and it's many levels.
Ceremonial Forms: Employing meditation, prayer, and music to facilitate the direct connection with the Divine and the healing of spiritual misalignments.
Community Healing Sessions: Powerful group healing sessions that are transforming for both the recipients and for those who serve as healers.

This workshop fulfills the recommended preparation for the two-year Gift of the Body Healer’s Training.

September 5—8, 2019
Suttle Lake, Oregon
4PM Thursday—4PM Sunday
Tuition $775 includes accommodations and meals.

For additional information or assistance registering, please email us at