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Transform Your Life; Embody Compassion

A live talk by Jonathan Goldman

Anyone who has participated in an authentic healing moment—as a client and/or practitioner—knows the feeling of compassion. When that authentic force arrives, there is nothing to do but recognize it, honor it and act within its intuitively-conveyed inspiration. Compassion—like faith, like truth, like forgiveness—is a universal energy. Its embodiment need not be reserved for the elevated ones or the especially blessed ones, or only received by grace. The seed of compassion lives in your Human Energy Vehicle (HEV), your energy field. It has a specific place, built into your original equipment. In this experiential evening talk, you will be introduced to The Chakra Map, and will learn specifically where compassion and its fellows, calmness, faith and forgiveness, live in you. You will then learn how to access compassion and use the space that it opens in you and around you for your own healing and in bringing healing to wherever you are called to be. We will also discuss the most useful discernment among compassion, empathy and sympathy. They are not the same thing by any means.

Wednesday, May 22nd — 7PM
Jefferson Madison Regional Library — Central Branch
201 E Market St., Charlottesville, VA
This talk is free, all are welcome.
Doors open at 6:30PM, RSVPs appreciated but not required.

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The Fight for Light: Healing the Divisions Inside and Around Us

A recorded talk by Jonathan Goldman — Originally presented July 30, 2018 in Bend, Oregon

The opportunity to take antagonistic sides is present in almost every moment in our present world. And taking sides in this way, no matter who is right or wrong, only increases the general atmosphere of division. Thoughts of condemnation, criticism, even hatred and violence, are flying around our world like a swarm of flies. The buzzing is loud, constant and can be overwhelming. It’s hard not to join the chorus of conflict. And these outward appearing ideas and emotions and actions are all manifestations of what we all carry in us. What can we do to bring unity, truth, hope and peace to this cacophony: internal and external? Where can we stand as the winds of transformation blow around us and through us? How can we hold all the craziness and potential so that we can be useful instruments of Light and peace?

Watch and explore a perspective that joins together the spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and worldly aspects of our lives.

An audio recording of the talk presented in on July 7, 2018 in Charlottesville, VA will be made available soon. Please check back or email us at