Live Talks

The Fight for Light: Healing the Divisions Inside and Around Us

A talk by Jonathan Goldman

The opportunity to take antagonistic sides is present in almost every moment in our present world. And taking sides in this way, no matter who is right or wrong, only increases the general atmosphere of division. Thoughts of condemnation, criticism, even hatred and violence, are flying around our world like a swarm of flies. The buzzing is loud, constant and can be overwhelming. It’s hard not to join the chorus of conflict. And these outward appearing ideas and emotions and actions are all manifestations of what we all carry in us. What can we do to bring unity, truth, hope and peace to this cacophony: internal and external? Where can we stand as the winds of transformation blow around us and through us? How can we hold all the craziness and potential so that we can be useful instruments of Light and peace?

Watch and explore a perspective that joins together the spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and worldly aspects of our lives.

An audio recording of the talk presented in Charlottesville, VA will be made available soon. Please check back or email us at