Study with Jonathan at your own pace, from anywhere, at anytime in these experiential, online courses.

You Are Light in the Darkness: Embodying Compassion, Faith and Forgiveness

Three 90-minute, prerecorded classes with Jonathan

Session 1: Entering Your Heart
Session 2: Activating the Universal Forces in Your Heart
Session 3: Living in the Heart in the Material World

Tuition: $50

Embodying Light,
Learning Discernment

Three 90-minute, prerecorded classes with Jonathan

Session 1: Putting on New Goggles
Session 2: The Physiology of Mediumship–How does it work?
Session 3: The World as a School of Mediumship

Tuition: $50

Living Through the Heart: An introduction to the Energetic Anatomy of the Heart

One 90-minute, prerecorded class with Jonathan

This class teaches you to know and understand the energetic territory of your heart so as to embody and make use of its qualities for your health, well-being, relationships, work and life.

Tuition: $20

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