Since 1994, Jonathan Goldman has been leading workshops in personal transformation and energy medicine, he founded the Essential Light Institute in 2008.

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About Our programs

When people come to living through their hearts, all kinds of changes start to happen. Health, relationships, philosophies, and work all naturally move into alignment with the new life that the heart brings to the one choosing to trust and follow it. Sometimes, among the often surprising discoveries that the newly spiritualized one makes, is the revealing of a talent for healing. This may have been in the background for some time, or it may come out of hiding when the heart is activated. When a person has healed themselves, it can inspire a desire to help others transform. What they then need is a safe, well-held place to explore this new impulse. They are already taking the most important step that any authentic healer must affirm; living and acting through the heart. Then they need to receive training in the practical side of healing.

The path of healership is a particular trail within the larger path of awakening. To be a healer is, first, to commit oneself to continuous self- transformation. If we wish to be an instrument for divine forces to utilize, the component parts of the instrument, our bodies and consciousness, must be cleaned and honed. We have to learn the spiritual arts of grounding, non-involved presence, discernment, and consciously held compassion. We have to learn to be simultaneously totally responsible for the healing space and what goes on in it, and humbly available to authentic spiritual guidance and intervention. This takes time and commitment.

The programs of the Essential Light Institute have been created to meet the needs of people from all walks of life who are experiencing an awakening of their inner being. The central purpose of our training is to support each other in letting go of whatever is impeding us in making and maintaining conscious contact with our hearts, in replacing those past hurts and beliefs with the living force of light, and in bringing the new awareness and change into our daily lives.

Whatever your unique ways of perceiving the gift of Light, that ability is waiting in you to be more activated. It will be activated primarily by your sincere intention to open yourself to Light. Our job at the Essential Light Institute is to join with you in holding the space for that grounded awakening which we all, students and facilitators, are going through. In each program we offer, each person who feels called to join us has their own intimate learning agenda because when you feel drawn to join us, your own guides begin working with you in the days and weeks preceding your coming into the space of the workshop or training. They are ready to step up your relationship, make it more intimate, make it more concrete, more real, more palpable—that’s the opportunity we provide at Essential Light Institute.
— Jonathan Goldman


The programs of Essential Light Institute include the following healing and teaching modalities:

Rose Breathing: Facilitates deep opening and brings conscious awareness of higher and lower unconscious material.
Bio-Etheric Bodywork: A powerful form of multi-leveled exercises which opens the emotional, mental, and physical blocks and facilitates the experience of spiritual energies.
Experiential-Didactic Sessions: Using the Chakra map, a unique and practical method of understanding and assessing the Human Energy System and it's many levels.
Ceremonial Forms: Employing meditation, prayer, and music to facilitate the direct connection with the Divine and the healing of spiritual misalignments.
Community Healing Sessions: Powerful group healing sessions that are transforming for both the recipients and for those who serve as healers.

Upcoming Programs

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