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One Light—Many Rays

  • Fredrick, MD United Sates (map)

Light is everywhere: in every place, in every body, in every corner of the universe. Light is what we call life force, what some call the Holy Spirit. It is Divine Breath blown through all creation. Light comes from the Essential Source at the heart of all that is. It is the emissary of Divine Love, joining all beings together in our essence.

All of that is abstract and can sound like New Age gobbledegook until you feel it for yourself. When you come to recognize the presence of a ray of Universal Light coming to your own small universe-your Human Energy Vehicle, your bodies- healing you, enlivening you, answering you prayer for health and clarity, a new life-path opens for you. Light becomes your companion, your friend, and eventually an instrument for you to use in every moment and situation when you remember to call it.

Riding on the wings of Light come its companions: the actual, palpable forces of compassion, faith and forgiveness. When we come to recognize these nuances of Light that resonate in our hearts, we can become co-creators in the work of grounding these divine forces on earth. And our lives become more healthy, more successful on every level , and more interesting to inhabit.

This workshop is designed as an experiential training in the recognizing, receiving and learning to call and be guided by Light. We will meditate, breathe, pray, laugh, probably cry, discuss and let Light clear us, teach us and illuminate the next steps on each of our paths.