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Alchemy of the Heart

  • JEFFERSON, MD United States (map)

Embodying Compassion, Faith and Forgiveness

a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination

An Invitation from Jonathan:

The Alchemy of the Heart is made up of two different but intimately connected levels of transformation. The first involves the transformation of the heart itself. Your heart has, built into it as part of the original equipment, all the qualities that spiritual teachers have identified and spiritual seekers have looked to embody for millennia. Humility, calmness, compassion, faith, forgiveness and knowledge of truth all have their assigned place in the energy center known as your heart chakra.  In this retreat you will be shown where those qualities are located in your energy bodies, waiting for your attention and commitment to awaken and manifest in your awareness and your life. Then we will invoke the power of Universal Light which, when coupled with clear intention in the safe and sacred space of the retreat, is both available to all those who call it and completely nondenominational. That invocation and reception of Light will begin a process of the transformation of the emotional and mental material held around your heart that has held those universal qualities from manifesting fully until now.

The second level of alchemy that we will explore in this workshop is what can happen to your work, your relationships, your health,  your knowledge of your essential self and your spiritual path when your freed heart is put in charge of your life.

You are hereby invited to come to beautiful Ashland, Oregon in its most glorious time of year, to the House of White Eagle in the forest, and join Jonathan Goldman and the staff of the Essential Light Institute for a weekend of alchemy. We will use music, prayer, meditation, breathing exercises, laughter and whatever else is sent to aid us in the exploration and freeing of our hearts.

House of White Eagle
Ashland, Oregon
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