Universal Love

Let us all lift our eyes—your inner eyes—to the sun. For indeed the sun, as you spell it s-u-n, is also the son, s-o-n. The son of what? The son of universal love, the daughter of universal love. He gives life without question, without condition. Life to be used as you choose to use it. So it is at the same time metaphorical and actual. Lift your inner eyes to that sun. And beyond that, to the sun beyond that, to the sun beyond that, to the sun beyond that; to the source of that son, that daughter - the son you are, the daughter you are. Glory in that. Celebrate that. It is what He/She/We come to teach.

Because you have been given the gift of awareness and a mind, you also have been given the challenge to use it well. And so you also use it to make up stories. Which are very beautiful, but many of you get confused and believe that the story is what the story is about. What are the inner teachings? The inner teachings are what guide you to the source of your own inner self, to the awareness and experience of that which you are underneath, within the stories. You are a story told by the Divine Ones for the enrichment of the universal great plan. You are a story that came from the heart of the Divine One, manifested and then began to tell itself stories. The inner teachings are to guide you back to the experience of the original, the origin from which all the stories came.

Right now you are in contact with that original impulse, that light from which you stepped into manifestation. How did that (manifestation) happen? That is the ultimate mystery. It’s not possible for us to describe that so we create stories to guide you to the experience of this, of that. All of your scientists are looking for this; all of your religions are looking for this, seeking to describe this when all that’s necessary is an opening heart.

In this very moment, all that you came here seeking can be realized. Clear your mind. Clear your thoughts. Be in the pure experience. Breathe as this one teaches you: in your heart. Why? Because in the heart is the receptor, the receptors for the vibration of true light, undistorted light, un-interpreted light. That prayer you made, offer it again now. Calmly. Let the confusions that you have, the dilemmas you have, the illnesses you have simply be in your awareness, held in your heart, radiated here, now: transformed here, now.

Now bring the ones gently in front of you in your vision to whom you want to send this light, this transformation. The ones you care for, the ones who care for you. The ones who you know are struggling from a lack of faith, from a lack of awareness of this light. Bring them here in front of your vision for a moment. But don’t do anything. Just call them into this light. Now call forth the planetary disturbances, the expressions of the dark ones. Don’t do anything, just call them into light.

Now form a line, a link from your heart and from what you would call your third eye and your crown, and send that line of prayer, of appreciation, of wonder, of devotion, to that source of Light. Link yourself and bring that Light, allow it to come down that line into your whole being into your bodies through you, into you, into your precious earth. This is what He taught; this is what we teach. Just allow it. Now breathe in the precious air that nurtures your body. Feed the Light with your breath.

Now the space of gratitude will appear naturally as a natural expression of receiving - a natural consequence of being filled with Light. 

Now be still and receive.