The Real Choice

The true choice is not between lightness and density. The real choice is between full life and partial life. Entering into what seems like the density makes the possibility of true Lightness be present. Going into the density, entering into the process of incarnation, is what we are talking about; fully incarnating. That choice actually allows the experience of lightness, but lightness in a fuller way, lightness in a way that is both pleasant and also useful because flying around trying to not step on the earth makes one vulnerable to whatever is flying around near you. Also because the agreement of incarnation is to be on earth, to be present. Not being fully on earth also makes you less useful in the mission you came to perform because you’re spending a lot of your energy trying not to be on earth and therefore not fully doing what you came here to do.

For a while, in the process of coming into one's full incarnation, it can feel uncomfortably dense, even painfully dense. And there is also always present in the background the memory of where you came from, which for many of you is a place of Lightness.  And in the memory of that there are moments when you feel homesick, you feel bereft. When you are fully incarnate even that becomes another experience to hold. It becomes part of the temporary, complex, beautiful, interesting project of being an incarnate human. 

To be here while you are here allows you, when your time is up, to leave with joy, to leave with a sense of a job well done, to leave complete. 

You have in this circle, and in the circles that you may choose to create or enter, ones who are making the same investigation as are you. Each circle has its particular purpose. One of the purposes of this circle, the teachings that have been given and continue to evolve through each of you, is to create a circle where those who are sensitive, ambivalent about their incarnational assignment, but who have great Light and great potential to be the bringers of Light, can come together in harmony and help each other. Sometimes even to complain together about what we are talking about.

To dance fully you need to be fully in your body. To love fully through the body is to complete the experience of being on earth. To receive the force of forgiveness in your heart you need to be present to recognize it. The one earlier today spoke about choice, spoke about the choice you are making. So the choice to be on earth, the choice to be fully in the gift of the body that you’ve been given, is a profound one. From that your power will be exhibited, from that your healing will be accomplished, from that your work on earth will make itself known.

Many of you here have lived from the top down, not quite getting fully down. Now the offer is to finish your incarnating. Not to die, but to finish becoming fully incarnate. You are being given the tools. The secret is that when you become fully incarnate there is a great relief that you feel because you have been designed for that state. Your body, your gift of the body, was designed for that. There’s a great relief in, as you would say, getting with the program.

So celebrate. Even celebrate the density. For some of you it’s an odd and new experience. You might as well have it while it’s available, so you can go back to where you came from and tell your friends all you learned here. They’re waiting for you. 

We leave you with this thought: There is but one way home and that way home is through the heart and that heart is begging you to receive it, to join it, to know it and to do that you must be fully present in your body. 

We hope this is good news. It’s not easy news for some of you, but it is delivered with great love and respect. It’s easy for us to give advice to the ones who have physical bodies since we don’t have them. So please evaluate for each of you in the inner chambers of your silence what we have said. Make your choices well, make your choices wisely, make your choices calmly. And we’ll get back to you to find out what you’ve decided. 

As you say, Amen

September 9, 2017