Oneness with Nature

Welcome, welcome dear ones to the beginning of the rest of your life. This moment marks, as you would say, a demarcation, if you wish it. The past could be labeled, “Self Absorption”; the present “Transition”; the future “Oneness with Nature”. Acknowledging, feeling, knowing your true nature which is both divine celestially and divine earthly. You are a miracle, an amalgam unique in the universe. Because your planet is unique, your body is unique. Not better than any of the others, but unique in its amalgam of the aspects of spirit. 

We come here to introduce you once again to the wonder of nature. Even those of you who walk in the woods, even those of you who come into contact with nature, fail to appreciate its depth, its complex simplicity, its complex simplicity, its essential harmony, its absolute obedience to the law of nature. Every creature obeys the law of nature. It is only humans who seek to destroy that law, thereby destroying their own nature. The sicknesses on your earth, they come from this disconnection, particularly and most painfully the mental illness that pervades all humanity. The incidences of mental illness in nature, true nature, are very few. The incidences of mental illness among humans are immense and growing everyday. But you know a secret now: linking yourself with nature, linking yourself here with this forest, with the forest that surrounds you; the lakes, the rivers, the forest, the lakes, the rivers, the mountains, the lakes, the rivers, the mountains, the lakes, the rivers, the mountains, the forest…

Breathe in now.  Breathe your connection to nature now. Feel how your bodies respond. What’s the difference between you and nature? The difference is you can think about it and decide. But not really. But you can pretend to think about it and pretend to decide, but your inner self is reaching all the time. Many people in your world feel lost, lost, lost, wandering lost–taking medication, taking drugs, taking all kinds of things to alleviate their lostness. What are they lost from? What are they missing? To feel lost is to be missing something. Missing a piece. There’s an emptiness where nature is trying to vibrate. 

So we are here to help you with this. It is our purpose. We live to help. It is our healing also to help you. If we help you, as we help you connect with nature, we save ourselves, do we not? We are, because God mandated it, dependent on you; your good will, your awareness, your consciousness. We were actually doing quite well until you showed up, but we receive you with love because the Divine Ones have a plan for you and for us; Progressive Evolution of Consciousness. Progressive Evolution of Consciousness. All of us together. We win or we lose, all of us together. 

So join us now and pledge yourself to become one with nature. How you do that will be guided from inside you. What you need to do specifically to encourage that, to allow that, will become clear to you if you say yes. Because we are here to help and each one of you has your own Pena Verde, so to speak. 

Now the time has come my brothers and sisters to celebrate your life, your new life. We said at the beginning, welcome to the beginning of the rest of your life.  If you choose: the past is self absorbtion, the present is transition and the future is oneness with nature. It’s not only possible, it’s imperative. As the chief says, May you be blessed with the peace of Christ in your hearts. As we say, may you feel the peace and the order and the harmony and the truth of nature in your heart and in all your bodies. May it relieve you of all your pain, all your preoccupation, all your concerns, all your worry. It is not possible to suffer mental illness if you are linked to nature. Don’t let your mind stop you. Don’t let your fear stop you. Don’t let anything stop you from what your heart wants, craves, needs.
We leave you now in this peace. Bless you in your new life. Amen

Pena Verde
December 1, 2017