True Transformation

Light of Christ upon you, Light of Christ with in you, Light of Christ to give you comfort, to give you perspective in your moments of sadness. We do not seek to explain away anything. It is not our purpose to cover anything about you with words of distraction. It is our purpose to help you live fully and yet also have access to joy, to that comfort that Light brings and to help yourself and others to learn to hold together the space of the heart. As you know, entering your heart neither solves all your problems nor prevents you from feeling the depth within you, and in some in cases the depth of the despair that can be temporarily generated by the actions of the ones manifesting the negative thoughts that we have taught you swim in the sea of consciousness.

We propose that unity in the face of hatred, compassion holding the space for transformation, love being revealed even in the most difficult of circumstances, is a more useful solution to the navigation of the process of evolution than are some of the other options being presented to you. We ask you to understand that despair rides on the back of hatred. As you have seen in your own selves in these days, transformation is a process that has many aspects. True transformation requires the revelation of darkness; the uncovering, the opening of the boxes. Are there not many boxes among humans? It is strange to say perhaps, but the ones provoking the opening of the boxes are actually doing a service if you understand the necessity of the revelation of the darkness.

The opportunity, as we are humbly teaching you, is to find the space of the heart in you. Most especially, most especially in the difficult moments. Train yourself in the less difficult moments. Make a program for yourself to embody these Divine Tactics in the moments when you are not challenged by the imposition of the thoughts of despair, of hatred, of disunity, of confusion. Choose compassion when you walk in your natural places. Choose compassion when you hug your children. And then when the moment comes when you need to be an example of compassion in the face of these other unfortunately but truly necessary revelations of darkness, you have, so to speak, practiced.

We have talked in these days of the immutable laws. It is an immutable law that evolution, transformation, must be given the space to complete. And so when we invoke the Christ Light and we say Christ Light in you, Christ Light to give you comfort, we are not, as you know, just using words. We are invoking that Universal force which is present in all circumstances, whatever the appearance may be. If it is true what we say, that this force that is here now with you, that each of you is perceiving in your way and, as we have taught, each in your own way; if it is true that this light of comfort, this light of illumination that we call the Christ Light is available in every situation—is that not why we are teaching you, encouraging you to be the ones who recognize its presence and call it present.

It is tempting, sometimes overwhelmingly tempting, to join in the chorus, the cacophony, the screeching of opinion. We do not hold any of you in judgment for joining temporarily in that chorus. But understand that that chorus has the purpose of discharging energy, not of solving any of the problems that may be contemplated. After the screeching, return to the breathing. After the cacophony, return to the awareness of the Peace of the Christ in your hearts and call it present. That is what we offer you, that is what we suggest. That is what we can do within the immutable laws.

In this moment, dear ones, receive the gift that this Light is bringing you. Receive. Open those centers that are free to receive when the cacophony of thought is calmed. This gift is, so to speak, the reward for what you have done here in creating this most beautiful nest, this harmonious space within which we can come and bring you these gifts. Our agenda, if you wish to describe it that way, is that you become the bearer of gifts. The recipient, the beneficiary and the bearer.

May you be blessed now....actually we would change the words today….May you realize the blessing that you have now of the Peace of Christ in your hearts. May you know that underneath all of your identifications, you are essentially this Light and this Peace. How could you respond to it if you were not also it? 

May this Peace, this Light, continue to be your companion, to be your referent in all the aspects of your life. Wherever you go, whatever circumstance you find yourself in as you live your most interesting lives, you will be welcomed always in this nest. This nest depends on your good heart and increases your good heart. Is that not the true exchange?

We leave you now in this peace but, as we have said many times, we do not leave you. We are riders on this Light and when you call this light using the Divine Tactics we have sought to impart to you we will, so to speak, slide in with this light. That is our pledge to you. The pledge you make is, as we say, up to you. Amen

Águia Branca
October 28, 2018