Pay Attention

The encouragement that we would give you is, as always, to pay attention. And to let go of the idea, the belief—which is actually a blockage to knowledge—that if something untoward happens it is a sign of failure on your part. This one made a prayer. In the fulfillment of that prayer, the qualities necessary for the transformation that he, and, in your case, you, are seeking, will be stimulated. If the necessity, as it is in this case, to, as you would say, slow down, pay closer attention, be aware of the preciousness of breath, then we in collaboration with your blessed vehicle—that as you know has its own consciousness, has its own patterns—we in collaboration with that will create the conditions where those particular qualities are made available to you. If the necessity in order to actualize the prayer is to change something profound in the arrangement of your outer life and/or your inner life, and if your prayer is sincere, then that is what we respond to. Not ever with the intention of hurting you, punishing you, or bringing you into anything other than the realization of your prayer. And your vehicle has its rules, its laws, its limitations, and it is through that blessed vehicle that you will learn what you need to learn along the way of the transformation you are seeking.

We have told you this before. This one has written this before. And yet it is good to have examples. To contemplate through the lens of our suggestion the examples that are in front of you. And then later the examples of your own self, of your own life, of what you have been presented with, are being presented with, and will be presented with. It is a misinterpretation of spiritual reality to imagine and then demand of yourself and others that an image of imagined perfection that involves only happiness is the sign of a spiritualized life. We would suggest that that is not a spiritualized life. That may be a blessed life that may have been arranged beforehand; and also it can be a life that involves, as you would say, denial.

So release in the way you know how, that belief, that image that you reflect yourself against and always come out with an opinion of your being lesser, not matching up to that image.

We would return to the theme with which we began this blessed gathering: Accept what is.

Take what is presented to you and examine it through this lens: Remember the prayer you made not just in these days; remember the prayer you made last week, last year. Remember the prayer you made before you came into this life.

We do not justify the imposition of pain, one upon the other. We do not justify in any way the enslaving of one of another. We do come to teach the good use of your life; turning things which are hurtful into things which are useful. Turning things which are painful into things which are uplifting for you and others in the transformation of that pain into wisdom.

We are with you. Have always been, will always be. We celebrate you. We bow before you. We will teach you as long as you wish to learn. And one day when you join us where we are you will become the teacher for others, the guide for others. And in this life each of you has been given, will be given, the opportunity to teach through example. Not the example of the image of abstract perfection but the image of what it means and how it is to walk the path of the heart. With all the opportunities to trip and fall. Someday, perhaps, you will have wings.

May you be blessed now and forever with the Peace of Christ in your hearts. May it guide your work, may it lead you ever more deeply into the places of humility, acceptance and all those other qualities which are awaiting your nurturing breath.

Águia Branca

Gift of the Body—Bend, Oregon

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